Monday, August 2, 2010

I can see my name in lights!!

This week was, yet again, a very boring week. In an attempt to save some $$ for my family, I find myself staying VERY close to home. I am trying to keep the kids entertained, but its a little difficult.

I did have one very cool thing happen to me last week. I met some friends over at a park in Burbank, for some playing and a picnic. It happened to be a playdate for Connor's preschool. My friends and I were sitting on a blanket eating our lunches and the kids asked if they could go play on the swings. We looked over and all of the swings were being occupied by some adults. Kind of annoyed, we told the kids that they should go play somewhere else. They went and played and came back about 30 minutes later. Again, they asked if they could go play on the swings. By this time, the adults had finished playing on the swings, so we headed over that direction. We put the kids on the swings and directly in front of us, we noticed that there was a camera crew filming something. Living in Los Angeles, especially in parts of Burbank where the studios are, filming is a part of everyday life. You notice it and move on. As we were pushing the kids on the swing, I noticed WHO they were filming....

100_0107.jpg picture by CarrieHounsell

Thats right...GEORGE LOPEZ!!

Now regardless of what people who live outside of Los Angeles think, we don't see stars walking down the street all the time. Its actually quite rare that we see people (or at least it is for me!). My friends and I were awed at the star, and continued to push the kiddos on the swings. A few minutes later, my friend Lara walks up to me and says "They want us to be in the skit." Um...REALLY?!?!? How awesome is this!! The production assistant comes up and has us sign waivers for us and the kids. We sign the waivers, and she goes over how they are going to film the scene, and then LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION (not really, but I like to be dramatic!) My friend Sandy actually was the main actress in the scene (JEALOUS!). My friend Lara and I were just standing by, pushing the kids on the swing. Then they asked me to walk being George and look at him, which I did (I can't wait for my Oscar Nomination!). They were finished with us and as they were walking back to the car, I ran up to a production assistant and asked if I could have a picture with George, Unfortunately, he was already at his car. I was MAJORLY bummed. I mean MAJORLY. My family and I are HUGE fans of George Lopez. The guy, sensing my disappointment, offered to send me an autographed picture of George. I was like "yeah...sure ya will..." I was 100% doubtful that they would send me an autographed picture. I just kind of forgot about it, until a couple of days later, I received this in the mail....

IMG.jpg picture by CarrieHounsell

An AUTOGRAPHED Picture of George Lopez. 

I was really surprised. I had it made out to Carlos, so he could hang it in his classroom and the kids would think that he super cool. 

Carlos started a new diet yesterday. This is a really strict diet. For once, I think he is really dedicated to losing the weight. Starting at a good 285 lbs, he wants to lose between 120 and 130 lbs. I am surprised on how well he has been doing. Carlos has had a "more than friends" relationship with food for years, and like any addiction, it takes some dedicated to end his addiction. I thought he would be grumpy and complain, but to be honest, I haven't heard too much out of him. He was a little upset last night that he couldn't have cheese on his hamburger patty, but I think he dealt with that pretty well.  He has decided that the time he would usually spend eating, he is going to dedicate to his guitar playing. Carlos is an excellent guitar player, but he has always wanted to learn how to play CCR songs. As I am sitting here typing, he is sitting right next to me playing the guitar. Its nice, except when I am trying to sleep and he is playing to keep me away. I am 100% into supporting him. I am going to try to eat the same foods he eats, but more of them. I don't mind salads, but being a breastfeeding mother, I need extra calories. 

Speaking of breastfeeding....

(Click on the link to a VERY AWESOME article)

Remember, even if you aren't a breastfeeding mother, support those who are. BREAST IS BEST!

And to give you a great example of a mother, we celebrated my moms birthday last night at her house. Its fun when all of the kids get together and have a party. We giggle (usually about something inappropriate) and chat and generally have a good time. 

100_0270.jpg picture by CarrieHounsell
Happy Birthday Mom!

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for my mother. She has been my rock, my guide, my friend and my example for the past (nearly) 25 years. I am the mother I am today because of her. I couldn't have had a better example and I can only hope that I am half the mother she is. She has always been a dedicated, loving, compassionate and caring mother, who would do anything, including step in front of a moving car, to help her children. My world, and the world in general, is a better place because of her. I love you mom!!

This next week is probably more of the same. Just us hanging around the house. The good thing about Carlos being on this diet, is that will hinder us from eating out. We might hit up a Baja Fresh here and there, but nothing like what we usually do. Carlos is finishing up with summer school today and then he has tomorrow off and back to work Wednesday and Thursday and the new school year starts officially on Monday. His school is going to a year round schedule, so he will work three months and then have a month off. It works for our Disneyland schedule, so that always makes us happy!

I am also happy to announce that I won a $25 gift card today from an online referral. I am super happy about that. I will be able to get a couple of cloth diapers for that amount. On the other hand, somewhere in my house, I am missing 5 inserts. I know they are here, but the poltergeist has taken yet another thing. First my laundry quarters, and NOW my cloth diaper inserts....Damn him!! I have to go digging through all my stuff to try to find them. What I can't understand is if each diaper has 1 insert, and I put 20 diapers in the wash, wouldn't there be 20 inserts in there too? Apparently not.... I hate feeling like I am crazy, but yet again, I don't know anyone who likes the feeling of being crazy. 

Alrighty, that is enough out of me. Hopefully, I will see you guys back here sometime soon!!


  1. Wow! thanks for your kind words. Who knew??

  2. Very cool star sighting! So is your little skit going to be on the George Lopez show? Let us know if you find out when it aires (or if it's on hulu) so we can check it out! That was way cool of them to follow-through and get you the autograph!

    What kind of diet is Carlos doing? It's time for me to shed the newlywed 20-30 I've gained...and I'm curious to see how other people are finding success. :)

  3. I don't know exactly what day its going to be on, but its going to be on Lopez Tonight sometime this week.

    Carlos is on a diet for those who want to loose a serious amount of weight. I don't know the formal name for it, but I call it the HGC diet. Its a VERY strict diet, only allowing about 500 calories a day (Not to mention, the HGC spray you buy costs about $100.) I have known a few people who have been on this diet and have found great success, but its VERY strict.