Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Its been a while!!

So my entire goal to post a new blog every couple of days has gone down the drain. Last week was both a boring and hectic week. (How can it be both!?!?) The kids and I mostly stayed home. We are trying to save money, so our only option is it stay at home most days. We can do little trips to the park here and there, but mostly we just party at the apartment.

I had a milestone yesterday (Monday, July 26). A year ago, I went into pre-term labor with Logan. It was the worst day of my entire life. In the morning, I had been having some regular contractions, more than Brackton Hicks. I knew that something wasn't right. At 26 weeks, you shouldn't be having contractions like that. I thought "Well, I will call my dr and they will tell me to either just let it go, or come in. I'm probably dehydrated, so they will give me a some I.V. liquid and send me home." I wasn't prepared for what really happened. I called my OB/GYN, who just happened to be on vacation that week. My luck.... I got the on-call dr and he told me to come into the hospital, just to make sure that everything was ok. I drove myself to the hospital, thinking that it was going to be a in and out kind of thing. At first, I wasn't sure if this was all in my head. I got to labor and delivery and they got me hooked up to the monitors and the look on their face didn't help. The nurses looked at me and said "You sure are in labor." Ummmm...what? Its too soon to be in labor. He is only 26 weeks gestation. TOO EARLY!! They gave me a shot of Toridol and for about 30 minutes, the contractions stopped. Phew...that was a close.....what....they didn't stop? Sure enough, after 30 minutes, the contractions started up again. Ok...lets try this again...another shot. (By the way, this stuff burns like a mo-fo and it makes you feel hyped up). Like the previous shot, 30 minutes went by with no contractions and then BAM, they started up again. The nurses called the dr and he came and paid me a visit. He looked at the monitor tape, and looked at me. The look on his face was one of confusion. He turned to me and said (And I will always remember these words...) "I don't know how to stop this labor. Just be prepared that we are going to have to do an emergency c-section and at 26 weeks, this baby is going to die." How can anyone "prepare" themselves for that? They started me on Magnesium Sulfate to stop the labor and told me to start signing. A consent for surgery....A consent for treatment of a infant.... What the hospital is suppose to do if I die.... WHAT! Magnesium Sulfate makes you feel like you are drunk and horribly depressed. I remember thinking to myself "I am not in a place to sign these. Where is Carlos?" Well Carlos was at home with Connor. I remember trying to call Carlos, but I couldn't. I had no reception in L&D, and I couldn't figure out how to contact him. Finally, I asked one of the nurses to call him, and she did. After making sure Connor was taken care of, Carlos came and helped me. They transferred me to a delivery room. I was up all night, with a thousand thoughts going through my head. I knew that Logan had to bake for 14 more weeks. I remember just laying there and praying for my little guy. I had my brother come give me a blessing, and to this day, I remember exactly what he said. He asked that I find comfort in the Lord's decision. Those words were divine. It wasn't "Save this baby" but rather, the Lord has a plan for the little guy, and we need to find comfort in his decision. After 6 days of being on Magnesium Sulfate (NOT A FUN DRUG), they were finally able to stop the labor. But the second that they would turn down the drug, labor would start again. They were talking about keeping me for 13 weeks. I couldn't do that. I was so torn. As a mother, I wanted to take care of both babies, but I just couldn't. I was angry that I couldn't be at home, but I knew that I had to be in the hospital to protect Logan.  I had a great support system, a great family, who helped take care of Connor. I was able to see him for about an hour every day. He always looked a little bigger every day he came in. After laying in that bed for 13 days, I was able to go home. Logan baked for another 13 weeks and is the most perfect baby you have ever met. He was born on October 19, 2009 at 2:12 PM. He weighed 5 lbs 15 oz, 19 inches long. My life has been blessed soooo much because of him. I can't thank the Lord enough for blessing my life with him. He puts a smile on my face every day. I am a stronger person today because of Logan.

On to a more up beat topic, I was able to get the classes I needed at Glendale College today! I am super excited to be able to go back to school. My ultimate plan is to become a midwife. I am going to start with my nursing degree, and then work my way to a CNM (Certified Nursing Mifwife) and then a full on midwife. I also want to become a certified lactation consultant.  I have great friends who have shown me the power of the female body and childbirth. I am really excited to start classes, but TERRIFIED of doing well. I wasn't 100% focused when I went to school the first time. I did ok, but not GREAT...To get into any nursing program, you need to be more than great.

That is about it. Like I said before, the kids and I haven't done much in the past week. Just chillax as I like to say. I should probably post some more recipes, just for fun!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I think I remember hearing that you had gone into pre-term labor a year ago, but I didn't know the extent of it. I can't imagine how scary it must have been to be on all these crazy drugs and being forced to make decisions that could jeopardize your baby's life... I'm so glad that it turned out according to the Lord's plan and you now have extra appreciation for the little miracle that Logan is! :)