Saturday, July 17, 2010

I found "THE" Camera!!

While I was walking around cruise night tonight in Glendale, I realized I was looking more at the people with cameras than I was at the cars. I felt like Goldy locks, thinking that camera was too big, and that one was too small. And then...we met eyes/lens from across the street and I smiled. I knew it was THE camera. I walked over, and I just glanced at the camera. After all, I didn't want the guy to think I was going to knock him over the head and steal his camera (Ok...the though went through my mind....) . I wanted to know its name. I glanced, without giving too much away, and noticed it was a Kodak. Ok, I haven't heard GREAT reviews about these cameras, but all of a sudden, I felt the need to go home and check out this camera. We walked around for a few more minutes and then went home. Its all I could think about as I went home. Its flashy black case, with strap and lens. It made me all giddy inside. But I wasn't sure WHAT model of camera it was. All I knew it was a Kodak. I went home and I typed Kodak cameras in to the Google search and there it was.  It screamed at me saying "Carrie, buy me! I'm lonely". So I looked at it and I fell in love. Here is what I am looking at:

Kodak EasyShare Z981 14 MP Digital Camera Black 1020304

What I love about this camera, is its everything I want. The only thing that is holding me back its that it costs between $230 and $300. I went into the other room and flashed that special kind of smile at Carlos. The first words out of his mouth were "What do you want and how much does it cost?" I told him about the camera and he said we would have to "think" about it. Eh...I'm not too surprised. I'm hoping that I can get Carlos on my side sometime soon. He keeps bothering me that I'm not taking enough pictures of the boys, and I keep telling him I don't have a good camera to take some good pictures. What is better than this? A 14 mega-pixel camera AND an HD video camera!! Lets see how long it takes for me to get him on MY side! I'm going to go work my special type of magic. Lets hope I have mind control in my super powers!!


  1. Carrie! I'm pretty sure that's my camera. :o) Show Carlos how great my photos are!!!

  2. Let's talk Matt into it too! The kids are always together - it'll be so sad if your pictures of them are beautiful and mine are crap... right? Heeheehee...

  3. Lara, I found a STEAL of a deal on Ebay. You get the BRAND NEW camera, plus the memory card and a whole bunch of stuff for #289.95 (NO TAX). Here is a link to the ebay ad if you are interested...

    There are a bunch of ads like this on ebay, so if this one is gone, don't worry about it!!