Friday, July 16, 2010

Ummmm...I think its time to clean.... after walking around my apartment for a few minutes, I realized that, well, this place is a mess. I'm the ONLY one who cleans around here, so I am working an uphill battle. Not to mention that its 10:55AM and its 93* outside. Yes....that is correct, 93*. The high today is over 100* and well, I only have AC in one room of my apartment. I have tried to keep up with the cleaning, but when you have three kids (oops...did I say that? I mean two kids and a husband). Its hard for me because when Carlos gets home from teaching summer school, he wants to go party. So I spend all of the morning keeping the kids entertained and all of the afternoon keeping Carlos entertained. I thought I would give you guys a sample of HOW dirty this place is. WARNING: This isn't for the weak. If you have health condition of ANY kind, I recommend you proceed with caution....


Laundry, both clean and dirty that needs to be put away


Ok, this isn't my fault. Its Carlos' job to do the dishes, but needless to say, the dishes are dirty. Oh, and its his job to empty the trash. If he didn't do the dishes, what makes you think he took out the trash?


Random items that need to be put away


And I'm not going to name names, but it rhymes with Shonner ate some Cheeze-It's in my room while I wasn't looking, and my bed is COVERED in little pieces like this.

But Carrie, what are the kids going to do while you clean? Ah ha my friends, they are taken care of....


Logan is sleeping



Connor is playing Toy Story 3 on the Xbox 360.

Ok...I'm super mom, but its going to take all of my super powers to get this place clean. Lets see how fast this can get done. Pictures to follow of the *hopefully* clean apartment.

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